About Me

The Little Oil Life was founded by me, Rachel, in September 2017. I am a thirty-something mom and wife who is a Jesus lover, coffee drinker, honest writer and happy oiler.

My mission is to share my faith in Jesus and my journey of finding health and wellness with essential oils. I want to empower you to support your mental health, to show you how to be a gatekeeper for your home and teach you how to make better choices for your whole body wellness. I want to create a movement of mamas, daughters, men and women who know better so they can do better.

I am passionate about emotional and mental health, especially maternal mental health, after I suffered with depression and anxiety following the arrival of my second and third children. I began to use essential oils in 2017 to support my emotional health and I have been amazed at their impact on our health and wellness. I now teach others what oils can do and how to use them.

This blog is my way of celebrating all the lovely in life, the highs and the lows, and sharing how Jesus, coffee and oils gets me through! I hope it encourages you where ever you are at today. Happy reading, please do get in touch by commenting on the blog or hooking up with me on social media as I would love to hear from you.

R x

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